Thursday, November 28, 2019

My Holding

I am in a lockdown facility, my constitutional rights stripped from me. I'm in conservator-ship under Mike Summers. Eventually I will be sent to a group home I guess because I have "schizophrenia" which actually means I can see and hear into other dimensions. The medication took away these abilities. I am being studied.

I don't think it is a coincidence Nancy Pelosi met with my past local representative Mike Levan (sp?). And suddenly $3 billion was approved for the shelters I happened to be (forced) staying in at San Diego county.

For the resistance I'm safe, nonetheless tranquilized.

The other half of the algorithm is at my apartment complex. Only minor edits would be made for the formula for counting primes to be completed.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Nuclear Power Plants at San Dimas

I have a nuclear power plant nearby. It looks like a pair of tits. 

The plasma is conscious and I can talk to it.

Humans exotermize which means they are slightly radioactive. This means we can change nature slightly. We exothermize when we breathe oxygen 

Alternative Timeline #1

In Riverside. My friend died in Riverside. He was a Sirian starseed, human in body and life. Very compassionate. He was adopted and lived a hard life. He didn't know his biological father. He was hungry his whole life. His friends abandoned him. No one would hire him. He was in his early thirties.

Then he got a boyfriend in this life. He only wanted to use Kai for sex. He wanted Kai to be ashamed of the Irish.

I care so much about Kai. But if I go hysterical I...I can hear alternative timelines. I have a timelock for this reason.

God has a timelock on me.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Oh I Remember

I remember that I was driving with my mom after having a mental breakdown. I suddenly felt a huge pain in my head on the left side. What happened?

Eh. Nah. Must have been the nexplanon.

Morbid Sense of Humor

Did Hitler shoot himself in the left side of the head or is that just my aspergers?


Native Accent of Southern Californians

People who live in southern California sound like snakes. That is our native accent. Southern Californians are called by non-natives "the snake people".

Right now I have two parasites in my body.

1. Hookworm which is eating the visceral non-spongiform fat from my thighs. But refuses to eat the spongiform fat on my abdomen and arms as I have aspergers. This parasite is running out of food to eat as I continue to enter ketosis.

2. The other is a fast moving protozoa I get from water. It drinks from my body cavity. It is found in a lot of places. You have to boil your water before you drink it. I recommend 300 degrees celsius just to be safe.

I do NOT need a heart transplant. My father (the man who helped raise me) is getting something. There are many solutions available. I have O type blood (rare here) which means I have rich oxygen rich blood which means my heart doesn't need to beat very often.

I have a lot of neanderthal characteristics. More than the general population. I can hear nature talk to me.

I was made from four sperm cells and one egg cell. I have no idea who my parents really are. Just my mother Marla and I share some similar features.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

It is Not an Act

I wailed about my pain and suffering. Wailed about my pain and suffering to awaken the masses that something is truly wrong with the world and the way it operates. Only then will they awaken. If you sit and hide your wounds no one will awaken. But cry about your pain and suffering, the incompetence of organizations that exist to create suffering then people will suddenly catch on that something is fucked up.

My pain is very real and while many would get tired of it. Now people are finally awakening from their tiredness and slumber and asking, 

"Life is supposed to feel good the vast majority of the time?"

"There is medication for disease?"

"We can wipe these diseases out?"

Now everyone is aware they have hookworms, roundworms, and many other parasites. There is no start up money to get inventions for medications off the ground.

Is there a medication for hookworm that exists? Can we make a medication that aims for the mouthparts of the adults?