Wednesday, August 21, 2019


We need to let some of the volcanos erupt. Volcanos create wonderful soil conditions for life. Gaia is conspiring to feed us all because we made great progress. Now we have to clean the environment. There are some evil people here, Gaia knows this.

Friday, August 16, 2019


Now I know why I'm pissed at UC Riverside. This is where you learned "perfect code" so to speak. I have decided to make my own company. Goodbye.

Rulership vs Leadership

Big difference between someone whose job is to sit in an office and communicate and make suggestions vs someone who wants a parasitic relationship with you. I am so interested to see what decisions a happy, healthy humanity will collectively make without disease, famine, and starvation. Honest to God.

About Relationships you really want to be in a relationship?

I mean think about it. Can someone truly love you your whole life?

You can accomplish a lot being single.

Life Isn't Fair

Johnathan...your manic depression has caused you immense suffering. To the point you don't care about your own life anymore. You need therapy.

Eat some burritos. They are full of protein. The crazy evil people will get help.

We will work together to make Gaia the wonderful food basket.

Maybe travel the galaxy together. Who knows.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

When I was a Teenager They Gave me This Medicine

The Risperdal medication was a treatment tried for manic depression when I was a teenager. 

It caused massive breast growth which to get very uncomfortable with my body. They were so kind to me to give me top surgery. I felt so free when they removed my excessive breast tissue caused by Risperdal. Because high testosterone levels when I was in my mother's womb changed by brain-body template mapping. So when I gained weight I felt like I had gynecomastia.


I need far more data to gather before I can make any guesses. I have no idea what is happening besides Antares Empire is responding somehow.