Friday, May 10, 2019

Experiences with the Resistance Movement

Since 2016, I have experienced many things that collaborate with Cobra's intel. As a result, I really wish people would take his intel more seriously.

I was introduced to Cobra's blog (theportal2012.blogspot) in 2016, when my computer was mysteriously taken over and opened to his site. This happened to me after I experienced an extremely high frequency after meditating, and I recieved a message from an anonymous source about becoming a 5D being that was added to one of my Google Docs documents.

This might have been my soul family wanting me to understand what was happening on the planet, as I wasn't as fully aware of what was happening as I am now, still in a state of amnesia from the implants.

I have experienced a few incidents with the Resistance movement and galactic confederation since 2016. The first was in 2017 when a female agent protected me from a hooded figure who tried to approach me at my apartment complex. This was after I was almost assassinated in 2016 after having the lugnuts removed from one of the tires of my car.

2018 I had the most experiences.

When talking to a friend on the phone I heard someone eavesdropping our phone call. I was discussing with my friend the causes of people being transgender. Then a voice with the same cloaking technology Cobra uses chuckled and said, "No its not." I then disagreed with the voice, which then gasped and hung up. I guess he thought I couldnt hear him.

I am NOT saying this was Cobra. It could be anyone using the same voice cloaking technology. I have a strong suspicion it was someone within the resistance movement. From what I experienced, the galactics and resistance movement have the capability of going into any technological gadget.

In 2018 I came home after work to find a few things astray in my apartment. There were footprints in my shower, and a few things were moved in my room.

My mother's room was untouched. The reason I suspect it was a member of the resistance movement was, inside my top drawer some souvenirs were left behind.

One was a few cards referencing a Draco Slayer and the Pleiades; both cards are from the Yugioh franchise which is a card franchise copyrighted in 1996, as shown on the bottom. It likely isn't an accident the resistance agent chose to leave behind cards from a franchise with this copyright year.

I also found my suitcase full of my childhood photos moved, and next to the yugioh cards were some photos from my childhood also from the year 1996. The same year as the Archon invasion.

On the outside of my patio door was a white F painted or carved into my sliding glass door. I suspect "F" stands for the first initial of my last name. And the white refers to "of the light". It more likely stands for "Federation of Light".

I speculate this is either a Pleiadian from the Federation of Light or resistance agent who is part of my immediate soul family, wanting to communicate to me that they are here.

When Isis Astara passed away, a playlist was created on my Google account titled "Extraterrestrial". One video was attempted to be uploaded to my account, blocked by the Cabal's fuzzy algorithm. This Google account was the same account I used to comment on Cobra's blog. Someone was trying to communicate something to me.

In February/March 2018, shortly after Cobra announced the resistance would clear out all underground negative bases I heard long bangs coming underground around the area I lived.

I then began to hear telepathic messages from the light forces. My psychic ability of clairaudience opened up. At this point I found out what role I am to play in the future. I must keep this a secret at this time from the general public.

Also in 2018, I had dreams of galactic ships beaming down energies to Earth.

In a clinic where I stayed overnight to get a medication adjustment I had my first experience with a directed energy weapon.

My heartrate went from 120 sym to 178 sym. I felt strain on my heart like it was about to burst. The staff were very hostile when I requested to leave, and left me to suffer the entire night with my heart. I almost died that night.

Once I left the clinic I telepathically communicated to the light forces about the directed energy weapon inside the clinic. A few days later I found out that clinic was closed permenately.

Two weeks later I saw a galactic confederation ship decloak over my apartment complex. It happened very quickly so unfortunately I couldnt record it. This was sometime in either September or October 2018.

The ship had a diameter of approximately 15-20 meters and had a round bottom. When the ship decloaked there was a blue field that sprung out at the bottom of the ship. It was approximately 30 meters (100 feet) above my apartment complex. It moved very quickly westward. 30 meters is the same maximum height Cobra said the toplet bombs were at the time.

I suspect the federation ship was cleaning up primary anamoly and trying to disarm toplet bombs at the time.

I experienced many synchronicities, alongside contact with positive entities on the astral and etheric realm. One of them was finding a white dragon scarf just down the street from where I lived.

Another synchronicity in 2018 was a cobra car parked at my apartment complex. This is NOT a car owned by anyone in the resistance movement. It is owned by a local marine. But this is an example of a synchronicity nonetheless.

Based on these synchronicities I was guided to send Cobra a brief email asking if I should stay in my location or make it a priority to go to an island of light.

A few days after this email was sent an authoritative male voice spoke through my laptop, "Stay right there in your area." This was likely an answer to my question I asked Cobra. It wasn't Cobra that responded. But likely either the galactics above or resistance below.

Not only are there synchronicities and experiences in my personal life, I have synchronicities in numerology.

One is gematria.

When I use my name + pleiadians, it is the same gematria numeric value as "compression breakthrough". Just another subtle synchronicity to add.

Many terms Cobra has introduced to the general public on his blog now appear in many gematria websites:

Victory of the Light.


  1. I have to experienced run ins with the resistance movement and survived a few assassination attempts. I would like to ask what meditations did you do to become a 5D person and to the develop the skill of clairaudience.

    1. In my experience the Chimera and Cabal will even go after people with indirect contact with the resistance, if the indirect contact is too often. I haven't really experienced anymore contact from the resistance after someone tried to kill me with the directed energy weapon in the clinic. They probably don't want to take a chance.

      I'll tell you the meditation I did in the next post I write, which I will probably post tonight or tomorrow night.

  2. I Love You. This was Great!
    One note "Cobra" van is likely a Psy Op from dark forces because there is one at my apartment also and they are definitely creep organized stalkers. My targeting is much worse than yours and I'm glad for that. I wouldn't want someone nice like you to have to endure more than you already have.
    Also~ Child Abuse done 2 little girls at 3121 Main Ave Apt # 618 Durango CO blk car CO SVO 257
    by deep state operative to harass/antagonize 9/11/99 whistleblower. Police involved in masonic satanic repression.

  3. Where I live it's a van (pics just loaded) & it's definitely not the RM. Hopefully ur nieghbor is but I doubt it. Beware contrived negative synchnoronicities, he might be there as a false friend. Otherwise yes it's very cool your experiences!

  4. I AM also a Wanderer but Sirius. U can email me at brother. Maybe listen to interview first because I'm heavily targeted!

    1. I finished reading this article and then turned on my daughters tablet and it was 5:55

    2. Very Cool! Free Will Harmony Destiny = Synchronicity
      I was Born 5:55 PM on 5/25/75 at opening of Ascension Gateway on Earth. I ∆M "the King" Referenced by COBRA in past. I remember before I was born at least somewhat similar to COBRA in that WAY.

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  6. The white dragon is here with me now brother!

    With the murder of ISIS came the black horseman! He is with my teacher.

    The blood moon meditation brought us the white horseman! That is the white dragon and he is with me!

    Justice is upon us!

  7. I as well suffered a massive attack in april 2017. Intense microwave beam coupled with scalar to my pineal had my body heating up uncontrollably, my heart beating malrythmically with such intensity i expected it to burst and my mind engrossed with terror you could not possibly dare to comprehend.

    I suspect i was having a kundalini activation and this was the cause for them to immediately suppress it which quite nearly killed me.

  8. So nice to see fellow bloggers from 2012

  9. Fact:
    There are no Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from before 2002, except Japanese cards from 1999.
    Saying they were from 1996 is a lie.
    Also, the shown cards were introduced/released several years later, making your lie even bigger.

    1. I was honestly under the impression the copyright of 1996 at the bottom of the cards referred to the copyright of the individual design of the cards, not the copyright of the Yugioh series as a whole. I never played any card games, so this was an error on my part not a lie. This explains my choice of words. But I think you're missing the point. Regardless, as shown on the picture, the year 1996 is referenced at the bottom of the cards. And it isn't an accident the resistance left cards from a card franchise copyrighted in 1996 alongside dragging out childhood pictures only from 1996. I updated the article with the word "cards from franchise copyrighted in 1996" instead of "cards from 1996" to be more accurate. I appreciate you pointing out the error, but saying I was lying is not accurate nor appreciated.

    2. are you cereal? its cleary says 1996. maybe you work for cabal

  10. Cool experience bro, now know why i'am here , yerterday i was im the university, felling very dizzy ,i could peeceive the entire room, all the people on it(councious expansion perhaps) , needed to go the bathroom 2 times, then later whem i have sleeped i had a dream where was happening a battle between alien and light beeings in the region around the univeesity . There was lots of them, now i'm here and now i know why i felling like this lately, they are trying to attack me.
    They should have stayed on their hole, because now im gonna fu*# them up.

  11. Thanks for sharing brother! Love the synchronicities..

  12. Thank you for sharing those awesome experiences GG! I don't normally look for synchronicity but I have an odd related experience. I didn't read CoBra's Wednesday update until the next day. I went to my bathroom that morning and found an oddly shaped old piece of carpet underlayment strangely placed next to a large tear in the linoleum floor of my bathroom (it's been under construction indefinitely). The underlayment was clearly from the room next door but how it came to be in my bathroom is a total mystery. This was the first time in months that I forgot to lock my front door before bed... But who or what would 'randomly' move some construction debris onto my bathroom floor? and not move or take anything else. There where no open windows for wind...etc.
    Whats cool is I didn't really think about it until I read your post (linked from CoBra) and I couldn't believe the synchronicity!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  13. I also have a strong sense of connection with the RM. They were my immediate thought after reading your post!

  14. 感谢您分享那些令人敬畏的GG体验,很酷的经历。我愿意跟你接触,已以任何方式,当然,最好是直接面对抵抗运动成员,那里有我应该做的任务。请同我联络。谢谢。

  15. 感谢您分享那些令人敬畏的GG体验......我的邮箱

  16. Could you send me the files you received from the resistance movement? audios, videos, books

  17. Thank you for sharing us with your experience. AND Take care <3

  18. Это прекрасно! С нетерпением жду контакта с альянсом. А пока, буду готовиться, поэтому пожалуйста пришлите мне медитации для перехода в 5D а так же раскрытия третьего глаза и сверхспособностей которые использовали Вы. Спасибо. С любовью, Василий.

    This is wonderful! I look forward to contacting the alliance. In the meantime, I will prepare, so please send me a meditation to go to 5D as well as the disclosure of the third eye and supernormal abilities that you used. Thank you. With love, Vasily.

  19. Hi iam kianoush.i want our planet will be free of negative powers

  20. I want our planet will be free of negative powers very soon

  21. please. Galactics take all evil to the central sun ENOUGH PLEASE

  22. I had MUCH syncronities but I do not believe they are from the resistance or some other "institution" but a part of reality like it "really" is. But I had another thing rolling: I saw a movie on the net (not tv) which I never saw before. So I cannot tell if this is from the movie or not, but suddenly there was an image of a man sitting in front of his computer, from the view, and in the background was a sign out of neon lights saying "Password". Only that word. The man looked like a south-lander, "from a country below europe". He just looked into the camera (I think). He had sun glasses on and no beard as you might think. It was absolutely not in context to the movie I was watching. The video (it moved) remained for some seconds, then the movie was "on" again. Or ads, I don't know, It could have been at the beginning of an ads-block. After the movie, I saw the man another time in the same setting...but the "Password" sign was gone. So, was this a resistance "jack-in"? I don't know. But I know, I never saw something like that except in some hacker movies where they "pirate" public screens. Besides, THAT never happened in reality as far as I know. When I read the password sign, I thought "No, man, I dont give you the PW. Besides I don't even know it...and you." That is what I thought. I did not say any word, just looked at it.

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  24. This can and probably is a coincidence.
    After all if you concentrate on a thing long enough you'll start noticing it in your surroundings.
    I did muscle testing on cobra and each time the result shows him as something negative

    1. Cobra is not negative. He's one of the few people that's been accurately explaining why the light forces haven't been able to make a move.

  25. Reading this triggered a memory! Had a similar experience with things moved around in my house I rented back in 2015ish. I found a Pokemon card also, but I just thought it was a buddy messing with me.
    My card was mewtwo.